ABBS 2019 conference


The 14th Asian Biohydrogen, Biorefinery and Bioprocess Symposium (ABBS 2019) will be held, from November 14-16th, 2019 at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam. The symposium theme is “Innovation and technology towards a sustainable Bioeconomy ”. This event aims to share the knowledges and practices, and motivate discussion to enhance the exchange views for advancing technologies in Biomass utilization, to promote University-Industry cooperation and HR development.

The ABBS Symposiums were organized by The Asia BioHyLinks (ABHL) annually around the Asia countries: Taichung (Taiwan) 2006, Daejeon (Korea) 2007, Harbin (China) 2008, Khon Kaen (Thailand) 2009, Taichung (Taiwan) 2010, Bogor (Indonesia) 2011, Chongqing (China) 2012, Osaka (Japan) 2013, Melaka (Malaysia) 2014, Kenting (Taiwan) 2015, Jeju (Korea) 2016, Khonken (Thailand) 2017, Henang (China) 2018. In 2019, the 14th symposium will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam in close cooperation with Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
ABBS 2019 will include keynote and invited speeches, oral presentations and poster sessions covering various aspects of sustainable and innovative technologies. The selected abstracts are expected to be published in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy or International Bio-deterioration & Biodegradation.

Symposium topics:

  • Biomass sources 
  • Biohydrogen
  • Biomass process and refinery for energy and bioproducts
  • Fermentation / downstream process 
  • Synthesis pathway for biorefinery and bioproducts
  • Waste energy
  • Biogas and biofuel application
  • Bioenergy sustainability and bioeconomy
  • Life cycle assessment

Actually, 95 papers were received from 9 Asian countries: Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and China. Papers will be selected for International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IF4,229), International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation (IF3,562).

Accepted extended abstract will be published in the Proceeding of the Symposium with your agreement. ISBN: 978-604-95-083-9

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