I.  Bachelor of Engineering Training program (4 năm)

  1. BF3033:            Food Analysis and Control Quality
  2. BF4340:            Quality Assurance and Management System
  3. BF4312:            Food Sensorial Evaluation
  4. BF4313:            Food Physico-chemical analysis
  5. BF4314:            Quality Management Documentation system
  6. BF4319:            Food Additives
  7. BF4316:            Food Marketing
  8. BF4318:            Food Regulations and Standards
  9. BF4315:            Applied Statistics
  10. BF3018:            Quality Management in Food Technology
  11. BF3124:            Quality Management in Biotechnology

II.  Bachelor of Technology Training Program (4 year)

  1. BF3811:            Food Materials and Additives
  2. BF3831:            Food Analysis – Quality Control
  3. BF3840:            Food Quality Management System

III.  Engineering Training Program (5 years)

  1. BF5360:            Applied Informatics in Quality Management
  2. BF5440:            Flavouring Technology
  3. BF5310:            Rapid Analysis of Food Quality
  4. BF5320:            Food Authenticity 
  5. BF5330:            Total Quality Management of Food Supply Chain
  6. BF5340:            Organic Foods
  7. BF5350:            Hygienic Design in Food Industry 
  8. BF5930 :           Internship and Graduation Thesis

IV.  Master of Science and Master of Engineering Training program

  1. BF5186:            Quality Management in Biotechnology
  2. BF5682:            Functional Foods
  3. BF5615:            Food Additives
  4. BF5652:            Processes Optimization in food technology and biotechnology
  5. BF6122:            Product Development
  6. BF6220:            Food Sensorial Characteristics
  7. BF6414:            Data processing and analysis
  8. BF6811:            Design and Management of Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  9. BF6816:            Food Traceability System

V.  PhD training program

  1. BF7460:            Food Safety in processing and storage
  2. BF7540:            Food Authenticity and Traceability