Research Areas


  1. Study the principles of membrane flow to separate water in fluids with different viscosities.

  2. Methods for oil extraction from herbs and seeds.

  3. Research and application of microwave in drying process in the food industry.

  4. Research and application of modern technical solutions for equipment and technology during drying of less heat-resistant agricultural products, food, biological products, pharmaceuticals, and seafood to raise value and quality of the product.

  5. Applied research of mechanization and automation for the processing of agricultural products, food, pharmaceutical, and seafood.

  6. Research integrated supervisory control system and data processing (SCADA) applied for the manufacturing process.

  7. Research the processes of  heat and mass transfer.

  8. Research and design of production lines of animal food.

  9. Research and design of alcohol distillation with automatic control system.

  10. Research and design of separating equipments (sedimentation, filtration and centrifugation).

  11. Research and design of dosing and automated packaging machines.

  12. Research and design of transportation equipments.