Research and Project list


  1. Advanced research for high efficiency recovery of Gac oil and reducing loss of carotenoids in Gac oil by means of direct oil extraction from fresh Gac, 2016-2018, Nguyễn Ngọc Hoàng, Goto Motonobu.

  2. Dewatering process for less heat-resistant solutions at low temperature and standard pressure and the implementing system for this process, 2015, Nguyễn Minh Hệ, Patent for Utility Solutions No. VN 2-0001336.

  3. Mechanization and automation of the production process of clean cellophane noodles, Project of Ministry of Education and Training 2010-2011.

  4. Research, design and manufacture equipment and technology for mixing, Project of Ministry of Education and Training 2009-2010.

  5. Research and manufacture of ultra-fine grinding machine of oilseeds, Project of Ministry of Education and Training 2008-2009.

  6. Research, design, manufacture monitoring systems and automatic control at Xich lip Dong Anh company, 2006-2007, Project of Hanoi No. 01C-01/06-2006-02.

  7. Research design and manufacture multistage vibrating screen dryer for drying of ceramic particles.