I.  Bachelor of Food Engineering (4 years)

  1. BF3014: Mechanical Process and Equipment.

  2. BF3015: Mass Transfer Process and Equipment.

  3. BF3016: Heat Transfer Process and Equipment.

  4. BF4411: Food Processing Machines and Equipments.

  5. BF4412: Automatic Control in Food-Processing Industry.

  6. BF3827: Practical work in processing and equipment.

  7. BF4416: Automatic Machines in Food Processing.

  8. BF4419: Applied informatics in Machine Design.

  9. BF3019: Process Measurement and Control.

  10. BF4421: Project in Procces and Equipment.

  11. BF4010: Engineering Practicum.

  12. BF4191: Bachelor Final Project.

II.  Engineer in Food Technology (5 years)

  1. BF4740: Mass-transfer and Heat-transfer Equipments.

  2. BF4750: Food Drying Engineering.

  3. BF4760: Refrigeration and air Conditioning.

  4. BF4770: Fundamentals of Process and Equipment Design.

  5. BF4780: Fundamentals of Automatic Machine Design.

  6. BF4790: Process control.

  7. BF4820: Applied informatics in Design and Computing.

  8. BF4890: Industrial Electrical Equipments.

  9. BF4840: Advanced Experiments and Seminar.

  10. BF4850: English for Food Processing Technology.

  11. BF4860: Hydraulic-Pneumatic Automation System and Elements.

  12. BF4870: Process Automation and Industrial Networks.

  13. BF4880: Quantification and Packaging Machines.

  14. BF4830: Pump, Fan, and Compressor.

  15. BF4900: Stirring Devices and Machines.

  16. BF4910: Pealing, Cleaning and Sorting Equipments.

  17. BF4920: Grinding, Cutting and Forming Equipments.

  18. BF4930: Partial Machines and Equipments.

  19. BF4940: Project in Processing Machines.

  20. BF4950: Project in Heat and Refrigeration Equipments.

  21. BF5520: Design of mechanical processing machine in Food technology.

  22. BF5530: Desing of heat and and mass transfer equipment in Food processing.

  23. BF5511: Design of food drying system.

  24. BF5540: Integrate system of process control.

  25. BF5590: Design of refrigeration and air conditioning system.

  26. BF5580: Design of pump, fan and compressor system.

  27. BF5570: Machine for trasporting, weghing and packaging.

  28. BF4961: Introductory Practicum.

  29. BF4580: Introductory Practicum.

  30. BF5080: Engineering Practicum.

  31. BF5930: Graduation Practicum. 

 III.  Master of Science and Master of Engineering

  1. Automation in biological and food technology processes.

  2. Programming the automatic control system using PLC.

  3. Machines and thermal processing equipments in food processing

  4. Vacuum techniques and applications in biological and food technology.

  5. Machines and finely griding technology of food products.

  6. Simulation and design of automatic control systems.

  7. Supervisory control and data processing system SCADA.

  8. Modeling technology Process.

  9. Oscillation and balance of food processing machines.

  10. Shaping machinery and equipment of food products.

  11. Automatic actuators.

  12. Automatic control of chemical technology process.