General Introduction


Training Center for Food Technology is the new member of School of Biological and Food Technology, located at B4, alley 15, Ta Quang Buu St. The Center was founded on March 16, 2009. Its construction and equipment was funded by Italy’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) as a part of the project on Food Technology training capability improvement.

Training Center for Food Technology is place for HUT students to experiment industrial equipment design, mechanism, operation, and production management in pilot-scale. The Center currently has a production line manufacturing fruits, vegetables and dairy products to produce fruit juices, jams, canned fruits, pasteurized milk, butter and cheese, etc.

Additionally, the Center continually provides training courses with the aim of skill improvement for industry technical staffs and cooperation in product development for other food research and production establishments

Juice production

Produce roasted seed

Concentrate fish sauce

Pasteurize bottles