1. Mind the following before working in the Center:
    1. Read the rules of laboratory carefully.
    2. Wear name tag and lab coat when doing experiments.
    3. Usage of equipment only after proper training by Center’s staff. Manuals must be read carefully before handling any equipment.
  1. When using the facility:
    1. One should be registered.
    2. Check the status of equipment before usage.
    3. Manuals must be strictly followed.
    4. Clean equipment and area around after usage. 
    5. Sign into the log book of equipment.
    6. In case of emergency please report immediately to Center’s staff.
    7. Do not remove equipment from laboratory without permission.
  2. Label sample for storage with sample name, date of preparation and samples owner.
  3. Do not eat, smoke, gossip and make unnecessary noise during experiments; do not bring weapons or flammable things into the laboratory; do not take other’s belongings or Center property without permission.
  4. Do not bring unauthorized people into the laboratory.
  5. Cleaning
    1. After finishing an experiment, clean working area immediately.
    2. Join in the monthly cleaning of the Center (every Friday morning of the first week of the month).
    3. Be responsible for general hygiene in the lab. Save electricity and water.
  6. Inform Center’s staff when rules are being violated.
  7. Inform Center’s staff immediately in case of emergency relating to electricity, water or other problems.
  8. Everyone is required to follow the rules. In case of violation:
    1. One is not allowed to use the Center’s facilities for 1 week (1sttime violation).
    2. Depending on the repetition and severeness, different punishments will be enforced