List of scientific results of School 2009-2013



  1.  Development of a rapid visual detection kit (BK-SETA Kit) of Staphylococcal enterotoxin type A (SEA) in milk and meat based products by a sandwich ELISA (Assoc Prof. To Kim Anh)
  2. Development of an array MDR-TB for the rapid detection of antibiotic multiresitance inMycobacterium tuberculosis (Dr Le Quang Hoa)
  3. Development of rapid detection technique of virus Dengue (Dr Truong Quoc Phong)
  4. Enzyme-based technology to whiten hard wood pulp for paper production (Prof Dang Thi Thu)
  5. Biological products to control aflatoxin (Assoc Prof Nguyen Thi Xuan Sam)
  6. Development of an adjustable tank incorporated five functions for biological treatment of waste water  (Assoc Prof Nguyen Van Cach)
  7. Technology and equipments for BIO-TS3 probiotics production for enhancing disease resistance used in shrimp farming  (Assoc Prof Khuat Huu Thanh)
  8. Process for mannooligosaccharide prebiotic from coconut pulp by-products (Prof Dang Thi Thu, Dr Do Bien Cuong)
  9. Chitooligosaccharide production (Assoc Prof Le Thanh Ha)
  10. Saponin production from Camellia drupifera (Assoc Prof Nguyen Thi Minh Tu)
  11. Nattokinase-based products for treatment of strokes and heart diseases  (Assoc Prof Nguyen Lan Huong)
  12. Black bean-based powder with inhibited amylase activity for diabetes (Assoc Prof Quan Le Ha)
  13. Production of soybean-based functional foods (Assoc Prof Tran Lien Ha)
  14. Production of a dessert supplemented with polyphenol and probiotic bacteria (Dr. Ho Phu Ha)
  15. Process for surimi production and surimi-based products from fresh water Tilapia (MSc Do Thi Yen)
  16. Production of sausages using microbial starter cultures with ensured food safety (Assoc Prof Phan Thanh Tam)
  17. Process for production of traditional fermented meat using microbial starter cultures (Assoc Prof Phan Thanh Tam)
  18. Process for production of fermented vegetables using lactic acid bacteria starter cultures (Assoc Prof Le Thanh Mai)
  19. Improved process for ethanol production from cassava (Assoc Prof Nguyen Thanh Hang)
  20. Simultaneous Liquefaction, Saccharification and Fermentation for ethanol production (Dr Chu Ky Son)