Services and products


  • Analysis: Properties of microorganisms, microbial detection by gene sequencing, enzyme activity, protein analysis and purification, ELISA, HPLC, ....
  • Service in gene expression in different hosts, recombinant protein/enzyme production, gene synthesis, development and production of rapid test
  • Service in Training courses of molecular biology, gene engineering, protein/enzyme analytic techniques including HPLC, fermentation techniques, product recovery and completion, 
Products and Technology for transfer
  • The center has successfully developed some technologies, biological products ready for transfer to producer and commerce
  • Quick test strip for streptococci toxin
  • Quick test strip for detection of rotavirus (BK-Rota)
  • Quick test strip for detection of hepatitis B virus (BK-HBV)
  • RT-LAMP kit for rapid detection of Dengue virus
  • Probiotic products:  B. subtilis (Spore and vegetative cells), B. claussi (Spore and vegetative cells), L. acidophillus, L. casei,....