• Basic courses
  1. BF3050: Biochemistry (Food Technology)
  2. BF3091: Biochemistry in Practice (Food Technology)
  3. BF2110: Biochemistry (Biotechnology)
  4. BF2111: Biochemistry in Practice (Biotechology)
  5. BF2010: Biochemistry (Bachelor in Food Technology)
  6. BF2011: Biochemistry in Practice (Bachelor in Food Technology)
  7. BF3199: Cell Biology (Biotechnology)
  8. BF3116: Genetic engineering (Biotechnology)
  9. BF3115: Genetics and Molecular Biology (Biotechnology)
  10. BF1016: Introductory Biology (Advanced biomedical)
  • Specialized courses
  1. BF5170: Plant cell culture technology
  2. BF5310: Quick analysis of food quality
  3. BF4163: Recombinant DNA in Practice
  4. BF5020: Basis of project planning and factory design
  5. BF3121: Biotechnological Process and Instrument
  6. BF5220: Malt and Beer Technology
  7. BF5681: Genetic modified food
  8. BF4710: Specialized practice in Food technology
  9. BF4164: Enzyme technology in Practice
  10. BF5111: Vaccine production technology
  11. BF4162: Fermentation technology in Practice
  • Courses for Graduate Training
  1. BF6132: Recombinant protein technology
  2. BF6131: Proteomics
  3. BF6136: Gene regulation and expression
  4. BF 6125: Biofuel
  5. BF 6129: Molecular diagnostic technique
    1. BF6144: Product recovery and completion technology