IBachelor of BioEngineering (4 years)

  • BF2701: Introduction to biotechnology
  • BF3708: Analytical methods in biotechnology
  • BF3713: Process and equipment in biotechnology III
  • BF4727: Project work in Bioenginering
  • BF4151: Biological techniques for Waste treatment
  • BF4155: Techniques for extraction of plant bioactive compounds
  • BF4165: Practical work in techniques for extraction of plant bioactive compounds
  • BF4175: Technology of microbial biomass production
  • BF4181: Technical practice
  • BF4191: Final thesis

II. Engineer in Biological Engineering (5 years)

  • BF5011: Process optimization and production organization
  • BF5020: Building project for enterprise of food and biotechnology
  • BF5112: Bio-treatment of Solid Waste
  • BF5133: Wastewater Bio-Treatment
  • BF5130: Biotechnological control agent
  • BF5151: Amino acid technology
  • BF5160: Technology for organic acids and solvents production
  • BF5920: Graduation practicum and graduation thesis