Research Areas


Research interests within the Department of Microbiology – Biochemistry – Molecular Biology are focused on the following areas:
  • Microorganism applied in producing functional food: in order to improve public health, some functional foods were being researched for high blood pressure patients and diabetics.
  • Microorganism applied in fisheries: making biological products used in probiotic food for fisheries, and in water treatment in fishery environment.
  • Enzyme Technology: The aim of this research group is to produce, purify and use native, recombinant or immobilized enzymes in diverse fields of life sciences. The enzymes currently under study include tyrosinase, beta-glucosidase, laccase, mannanase, cellulase, lignin peroxidase, xylanase, xylitol dehydrogenase, catalase, collagenase…
  • Waste water treatment technology: applied microorganisms are used to waste water treatment from daily life, village sewage, and waste treatment. Besides, a waste water treatment system with the ability to save 30% energy was developed.
  • Production of biofuel from lignocellulosique biomass. The aim of this research group is to develop new technologies to produce biofuels, in particularly bioethanol, from low cost feedstock and algae.
  • Rapid methods for the detection pathogens, toxins and residues. The aim of this research group is to develop innovative rapid tests based on molecular and immunological techniques.