Master and PhD Scholarship in Kyoto University

In Kyoto University, we have a MEXT scholarship program (only one scholarship) in Environmental Engineering, which have started from this year.  In this program, the selected student will have  the integrated course in Environmental Engineering (5 years course of Mater and PhD.).  
Then, we are calling for excellent students from overseas countries. We will conduct applicants recruit and selection by the following procedure:
1. Submission of the following: before April 27, 2014
 (1) Preliminary application Form (Use "ApplicationForm2014MD.doc")
 (2) Your CV (any form)
 (3) Academic records from undergraduate and graduate courses   (pdf files)
Please send the above to my Secretary, Ms. Shiozaki (
2. Notification of screening results: beginning of May
3. Interview: middle of May (exact date and method will be informed later).
4. Submission of official documents (see Note1): May 20
5. Notification of selection results in Kyoto University: the end of May, 2014.
6. Final results in the scholarship program by MEXT: July 2014. 
7. Enrollment of PhD course in Kyoto University: October 2014.
The conditions for applicants as ad follows:
(1) Nationality
Applicants must be from a country which has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government.
(2) Study experience in Japan
If applicants have experience of studying at any Japanese universities as a recipient of MEXT Scholarship, they must be away from Japan for at least 3 years. Students who are currently studying in Japan cannot apply for this program.
(3) Age
  Applicants must be under 35 years of age as of April 1, 2012.
(4) Current status
  Applicants must not be active members of the military.
(5) Other scholarships
  Applicants who are expected to receive a scholarship from any other organizations including a governmental organization in his/her country of origin will not be accepted as a grantee of MEXT Scholarship.
(6) Duplication of applications
  Applicants must not apply for a MEXT Scholarship through any other graduate schools or universities  
(7) Applicants must get hold a bachelor degree or alternative qualifications equivalent to the degree.
(8) Applicants must be 22 years of age or over and have received recognition of possessing academic ability commensurate with master  level studies in Kyoto University.
(9) Applicants must not be a holder of any master level degrees in principle.  
Download: Application form