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Within the framework of the project “Multi-disciplinary network platform to assess value chain opportunity for plant-based protein by upcycling food wastes and improving food safety” (Grant No GCRFNGR7\1312) ( cooperation between School of Chemistry and Life Sciences (SCLS), Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) with the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRI), Greenwich University, UK, 4 project members from Vietnam led by Associate Professor Dr. Chu Ky Son, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences had a working trip to NRI during November 20 - 22, 2023

The interdisciplinary network is funded by Global Challenges Research Fund - GCRF (UK) to develop interdisciplinary cooperation between the UK (Institute of Natural Resources - University of Greenwich) and Vietnam (Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology - Hanoi University of Science and Technology) along with experts from countries in the region (University of Natural Sciences - Hanoi National University); Royal University of Agriculture of Cambodia; Loikaw University Myanmar) and leading enterprises in agricultural and food processing in the region and the country such as Mitr Phol Group (Thailand), Minh Duong Food Joint Stock Company, Lam Son Sugar Joint Stock Company.

During this visiting work, the two sides had a seminar to share finished and ongoing activities related to the project, as well as the future plans of the two sides.


The SCLS - HUST and the (NRI) of the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom, within the framework of the GCRFNGR7\1312 project (London, November 21, 2023)


Assocs Prof. Dr. Chu Ky Son (lead of GCRF project and Dean of School of Chemistry and Life Sciences) was presenting at NRI, Greenwich University, UK (London, 21/11/2023).


Prof. Dr. Ngoc Minh Nguyen, project member was presenting the research on accumulation of As in paddy rice of Vietnam

NRI has shared the current research interests, especially related to sustainable development goals such as renewable energy, CO2 capture (carbon dioxide capture), directions for developing food products from plant protein, Food hygiene and safety issues at slaughterhouses in Vietnam and Cambodia.... On the contrary, for the Vietnamese delegation, after Associate Professor. Dr. Chu Ky Son announced the establishment of the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences along with the priority research interests, other Vietnamese members have shared the information and issues related to diversifying protein-rich food products from plants, exploiting protein from by-products of rice processing and also the problem of Arsenic accumulation along with mitigation solutions in paddy rice of Vietnam. Food products researched, developed and technology transferred by the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences have made a lot of impression on NRI colleagues, especially rice milk products, cheese...

Associate Professor, Dr. Chu Ky Son, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Scientific Sciences and Professor Ben Bennett, Deputy Director of NRI wishes to continue the cooperation in research activities, build and implement cooperative projects on training, technology transfer, and promoting startup models to create innovative products, especially food products from Vietnam's indigenous plant protein sources are not only for the Vietnamese market but also target the UK and European markets for sustainable development in the future.

The Vietnamese delegation also visited and learned about the model of the Food Product Research & Development Center as well as other research laboratories of the NRI Institute.


Visiting Food System Center, Accelerator, NRI, University of Greenwich (21/11/2023)

pix5 Field trip


Visiting the main campus of Greenwich University, UK (22/11/2023)


Visiting the main campus of Greenwich University, UK (22/11/2023)

The business trip helped strengthen and open up many opportunities for cooperation between the School of Chemistry and Life Sciences of Hanoi University of Science and Technology with the NRI Research Institute, Greenwich University and other Universities in the UK.

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