Since 2005, the Summer Program in Sensory Evaluation (SPISE) has grown from the size of a workshop to that of an international Symposium, including six successful symposiums: SPISE 2007 “New trends in sensory evaluation of food and non-food products”, SPISE 2009 “Food consumer insights in Asia: Current issues and future”, SPISE 2012 “Taste and think, integrating sensory evaluation into product development: An Asian perspective”, SPISE 2014 “From senses to quality: What can sensory evaluation can bring to quality control?”, SPISE 2016 “Taste and Try before you fry: From product formulation to consumer experience”, SPISE 2018 “Measuring the Multiple Facets of Consumers’ Experience: Inter-Individual Differences in Sensory Evaluation”.

SPISE’s mission is to promote sensory and consumer science in Asia. SPISE provides opportunity for sensory professionals and food scientists to meet, to exchange, and to collaborate in the field of sensory science and other related fields. SPISE is also a place where young scientists can learn from tutorials and can also introduce their latest research. SPISE is a place where students, academia, and industrials from all over Asia and the world gather and interact. In other words, this conference is the conference for us all.

In the past two years, we have been living under the disastrous impact of COVID-19, which have caused numerous damages all over the world. Due to the pandemic, SPISE2020 has been canceled and postponed up until now. Therefore, with great pleasure, we announce the comeback of SPISE in 2022, SPISE2020+2, with the theme: From Concept to Market: Sensory Evaluation in Asia. The conference will be organized at the main campus of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ha Noi city, Vietnam.

We plan to continue the successful program features of SPISE 2007, SPISE 2009, SPISE 2012, SPISE 2014, SPISE 2016, and SPISE 2018 with an opening ceremony, workshops, and symposium sessions allowing for a variety of oral and poster presentations covering a wide scope of new ideas related to sensory and consumer research, a gala dinner with delicious Vietnamese foods, and various opportunities for collaborations.

In addition, we would like to invite you to join us for two workshops: one “Advanced” course on r
elating physicochemical data to sensory data (two table analysis) and one “Industrial” course on understanding products from a consumer perspective (in English with Vietnamese translation), which will be held parallel on July 25-28, 2022. The instructors of this workshop are from universities in Vietnam, France, and The United States of America.

Detailed information about SPISE2020+2 Symposium Program and Workshop will be soon available at and  
We will be delighted to welcome you to SPISE2020+2 in Hanoi— the capital of Vietnam.
Sincerely yours,
Dzung Hoang Nguyen and Dominique Valentin,
Chairs of the Symposium


28 July 2022
16.00: Registration
18.00: Welcome Party

29 July 2022
8.30: Opening ceremony
Session 1: Flavor, taste, and smell: Taking into account diversity
Chairperson: Jae-Hee Hong & Phu Viet Tu
9.00: First Keynote: Danielle Reed, Monell Center - The Other Taste Map: Human Diversity and Sensory Experience

10.00: Coffee break

10.30: O1: Experience of taste and smell loss due to covid-19: A qualitative study- Trang Nguyên, IUH
10.50: O2: Possible flavor combination for soymilk from consumers’ perspective- Uyên Phan, IUH
11.10: O3: Missing diversity in sensory research: filling the gap with remote testing -  Nguyen, Monell Center
11.30: Flash presentation 1
12.00: Poster session 1

12.30: Lunch break

Session 2: Understanding consumer choice: The role of representations & attitudes
Chairperson: Dominique Valentin & Tâm Lê
14.00: Second Keynote: Jae-Hee Hong, Seoul National University- How does appreciation develop? The changes in ideal sensory representation of unfamiliar beverages across repeated exposures
15.00: O4: Factors and levels affecting Vietnamese consumers' purchase intentions related to Kombucha tea - Nga Do, SBFT-HUST
15.20: O5: Determining and evaluating the impact of factors influencing Vietnamese consumers' attitudes toward 3d printed food - Thanh Hoa, SBFT-HUST

15.40: O6: Examining the conceptualizations of consumers toward traditional food using word association technique: a multi-product approach - Linh Lê, HUFI
16.00: O7: The environmental concerns of Vietnamese people: how do different social groups perceive the emerging threats? - Thinh Pham, HCMUT
16.30: Flash presentation and Poster session 2

18.30: Gala diner

30 July 2022
Session 3: Advances in sensory methodology and data collection
Chairperson: Hervé Abdi & Uyen Phan
9.00: Third Keynote: Sébastien Lê, Institut Argo Rennes Anger: Two decades of transition: from sensory to consumer data, the inevitable drift

9.45: Coffee break

10.00: O8: A machine learning approach for analyzing Free JAR data,  Alexiane Luc. Strategir  
10.20: O9: A conceptual model of consumer food choice during the coronavirus disease: a case study in Vietnam - Trang Lê, HUFI
10.45: Round table: Bridging the gap between Industry and Academic. Moderator: Sébastien Lê.
  • Journey to the realization of the role of sensory evaluation and consumer research in Masan Consumer's philosophy of sustainable development. Ms. Lê Thi Nga, Deputy CEO/Chief R&D Officer, Masan Consumer Holdings
  • Food innovation: a market-based case study at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Dr. Son CK, SBFT-HUST

12.15: Poster Award and Closing




SPISE2022 includes three main events:

July 25-28, 2022: Two full-day workshops

  • The Industrial: Understanding products from a consumer perspective
  • The Advance: Applied Statistics in Sensory Evaluation

July 29-30, 2022: One-and-a-half-day symposium: From Concept to Market: Sensory Evaluation in Asia

The symposium will take place in a convivial atmosphere allowing participants: to discover new methods and latest research in sensory science, to share their experience, to meet experts and professionals in the field of sensory science, to create and develop partnerships, and to visit Vietnam and explore its culture and beauty.


- Abstract should be submitted electronically as a Word attachment to an email message to
- All abstracts will be evaluated by the scientific committee of the symposium. A condition of submission is that, if accepted, the work has to be presented at SPISE2022 by one of the authors
- Successfully submitted abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic notice. Allow at least 1 working day for the electronic notification to be sent to you. Abstract template - click here to download.

- The text of the abstract should clearly and concisely state the objectives, methodologies, results, and conclusions in no more than 300 words.
- 3-5 keywords are required
- Below the abstract indicate the type of presentation wanted: oral or poster.

-  All presenters are invited to submit a full-text of their presentation at SPISE2022 to publish in the Proceedings of the Symposium.
- The guidelines of manuscript preparation - click here to download

Poster Presentation
- Poster presenters are welcomed to present any material related to their work at the poster area.
- The instructions for poster presentation - click here to download

For revision or queries regarding abstracts already submitted
If you do not receive acknowledgment for your abstract submission or you wish to make any essential revision to an abstract already submitted, please DO NOT RESUBMIT your abstract, as this may lead to duplication. Please email the Conference Secretariat with details of any revisions or requirements. Please quote your reference number if you have one.


Workshop venue: Room 404, B1 Building, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

The Industrial: «Censory» data: when Consumer serves product development- by Sébastien Lê:

During the last two decades, a new model has emerged in which the Consumer plays an ever greater role in product development. This change of paradigm has lead to new ways of getting sensory information, as the consumer was constantly giving their opinion during the process of developing a new product. Hence the idea of « Censory » data, a word coined to express the notion of sensory data provided by the Consumer.

The aim of this workshop is to present efficient ways of getting « Censory » data, simple ways of analyzing them, and finally easy ways of communicating insights from the Consumer. During the workshop, we will introduce the survival toolkit for survey, the basics for getting sensory information from the Consumer (« Censory » data), and the fundamentals for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a product. 

Keywords: association task, sorting task, JAR, textual data, multiple correspondence analysis, correspondence analysis

The Advanced: Relating physicochemical data to sensory data (two table analysis) - by Hervé ABDI
In this workshop, we will review the main methods developed to extract the information common to two data tables when the same products are described by two different types of variables. For example: The first table contains variables that describe the chemical properties of some products and the second table contains variables that describe the sensory properties of the same products.
In the first day we will study methods that generalize correlation and identify the information common to two data tables, the second day we will study methods that generalize regression analysis and use the information from one data table to predict the other data table.
Day 1. How to find the information common to two tables?

  • PLS-C: Partial Least Square Correlation
  • CCA: Canonical Correlation Analysis
  • Bonus:  What to do with three tables and more? MFA: Multiple Factor Analysis

Day 2. How to predict one data table from the other one?

  • RA  Redundancy Analysis
  • PLS-R  Partial Least Square Regression



The SPISE2020+2 will be organized in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam

Symposium venue

Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 1 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi City, Vietnam
- The SPISE2020+2 workshops: Room 404, B1 building 
- The SPISE2020+2
symposium: at C2 building
- "Welcome reception" will be held at C2 building

- "Gala diner": will be held at Softwater Restaurant, No 42 street 9, F361 An Duong, Tayho, Hanoi.