WFP recruits the best and brightest professionals from all over the world for international positions.
Time: November 10 and 11, 2015 Location: Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
"Innovation is the exploitation of science, technology and innovation to meet the needs of the poor and low-income groups, especially those who live in rural areas, have low incomes and no access to products and services that meet the basic needs of life. ”
Implementing the Regulation on master's degree training of Hanoi University of Science and Technology ...
In the jubilant atmosphere celebrating 58 years of establishment of Hanoi University of Science and Technology (15/10/1956 - 15/10/2014), 60 years of Liberation of the Capital (10/10/1954 -10/10/2014), 4/10/2014, at C2 Hall, School of Biotechnology & Food Technology held a week of citizen activities for students K55, K56, K57, K58 and awarded study encouragement scholarships to students with outstanding academic achievements in 2013 - 2014.
The International Workshop “Exploring Biodiversity for Sustainable Development in South East Asia” (EBSEA) will be organized at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 1 Dai Co Viet road, Hai Ba Trung dist, Hanoi, Vietnam on October 1, 2014.
promote scientific research exchange and create opportunities to share experiences, proposals as well as implement scientific research projects for staff in the Institute.
Thời gian: 9 giờ, ngày 27 tháng 03 năm 2013 (thứ Tư) Địa điểm: Phòng 202 nhà C4, Đại học Bách Khoa Hà Nội.