Faculty Directory

Since the establishment in 1966, the Department of Food and Biological Processes and Equipments is one of the important departments of Faculty of food chemistry, University of science and technology Hanoi. Through 60 years of development, the Department has trained many student generations specializing in Food Machinery, who now are holding important positions in the National economy.
Currently, students of the department are not only equipped with in-depth knowledge of calculation and design of equipments for hydraulic mechanical processes, heat transfer, mass transfer, and refrigeration systems, but also be equipped with the essential knowledge to have the ability to integrate programmable automated control system (PLC), modern monitoring control system processing data by computer (SCADA). After graduation the young engineers of the Department can find jobs with lucrative income easily.
Besides teaching, training, the Department also participates in scientific researchs, technology transfers to the production facilities in the fields of food processing industry, bio-pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Furthermore the Department also designs and manufactures a variety of machines and devices for different purposes from simple efficient using in the countryside to the equipments for the industrial-scaled production lines.
The name of the Department has been changed 3 times as follows:

  • Department of Food Machinery (before 2004)
  • Department of Machinery and Automation for Biotech-Food Industry (2004 – 2010)
  • Department of of Food and Biological Processes and Equipments  (from 2011)