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Life are journeys and there are trips that make up our lives. I don’t know by chance or by luck that brought me to the roof of the beloved Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

The student years begin to be surprising but also full of excitement! It is no longer a small classroom space like when we were a student, instead it is a spacious lecture hall, C1-C2-C4 where every time we change subjects, we students happily walk from this area. Go to the other area and feel like a “real adult”. After five years of studying, in addition to stressful exams, we have learned a lot from professional teachers who always update their knowledge as well as advanced teaching methods. theory or hard hours in the practical workshop, each class of our students has grown up, acquired a lot of knowledge and is ready to fly away to fulfill their life’s dreams.

Time went by, we graduated, graduated, went to work with many difficulties and challenges. However, we are now more confident, carrying a broader knowledge, ready to conquer and solve many problems not only in work but also in life thanks to our discipline, logical thinking and Accurate work skills are taught by teachers in 5 years of university.

Proud to be a student of HUST and School of Biotechnology and Food Technology! Each generation of students and students who have been growing up from this school will probably forever remember the school as a solid spiritual fulcrum to continue on the arduous and challenging life path. And HUST will forever be the place to give wings to dreams, the leading bird, and the training cradle of the engineering profession of Vietnamese engineers.

So it’s been ten years since I became a student of the Institute, time flies so fast…

In the first few months of entering the school, we started to get acquainted with specialized subjects, we were still surprised with the learning methods, but the lectures were also quite interesting and stimulated our curiosity and passion for Biotechnology. Besides, the union activities, youth and students of our Institute are also very rich and attract many students. For her, the Institute has become so familiar, her working time in the day is studying in the lecture hall, or the laboratory at the B1 center, or the activities of the Union. School of Biotechnology & Food Technology has built me a solid knowledge base for her to continue in more intensive study plans. Not only that, during the time of working in mass organizations, I also practiced teamwork skills, handling unexpected situations and loving friends around. Thanks to that, when I first came to Korea to study and live, I quickly adapted to the progress and differences at the new place of study. In the coming autumn days, when I follow the Internet about the school’s founding anniversary activities, the students come to meet and express their gratitude to the teachers, I also hope one day to attend the celebration together. at the Institute. I hope that the next generation of students will receive the strong fire of learning, research and youth activities from teachers and lecturers.

Hope that our School of Biotechnology and Food Technology will develop strongly in all aspects from training, teaching, research, to youth and student activities, and to the community.

Hope that the COVID-19 epidemic will soon be receded across the country so that all jobs can soon return to stable operation and development. Seoul, South Korea, September 15, 2021.

Do Thi Thu Hien
Alumni, KTSH-K55 Class monitor 
PhD student, Immune System major, Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology, Sejong University, Korea

On the occasion of HUST and School of Biotechnology and Food Technology to welcome the age of 65, I would like to express my gratitude to generations of staff and lecturers of the University over the years who have contributed their strength and wisdom to the development of the University. education of the University in particular and the country in general. I wish the School to rise higher and higher and mark steady achievements in the integration period.

Nguyen Thi Anh
Alumni of KTTP – K59 (CPA 3.61)

After completing my first degree in the Army, graduating as a Logistics officer, I was able to work at an agency responsible for ensuring military supplies for the entire army. I myself feel very honored and proud. With the attention of leaders and commanders, I was able to train to improve my qualifications and expertise by completing 2nd degree, Master’s and doctoral degrees at School of Biotechnology and Food Technology – Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Thanks to these courses, it helps me to have more knowledge about Food Technology, Biotechnology…I am willing to bring the enthusiasm that my teachers imparted to the army, to help the army have the best health, contributing to building an increasingly regular, modern and powerful army, defending the socialist Vietnamese fatherland.

Colonel – Dr. Luu Anh Van (Year of defense: 2020)
Deputy Director of Military Supplies Research Institute – Military Supplies Department – General Logistics Department

For me, 4 years as a PhD student at the School of Biotechnology and Food Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology is the 4 most memorable years in my life, the period that I have experienced, accumulated accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge, experience and skills.

During my study, I encountered countless thorns, challenges, and deprivations, sometimes I thought I had to give up. But on my way, I have always had the valuable companionship, support and sharing of teachers in the Institute, in the Department, with a lot of advice, the right orientation in research, the help and also love, understand, share… so that I can not only complete, but also really mature in scientific thinking, practical experience, helping me a lot in teaching and Current research…

I am really thankful, proud and proud to be a small member of SBFT, HUST.

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the University, I would like to send my sincerest congratulations to the teachers, staffs of the University and the Institute. Wish Hanoi University of Science and Technology, with its 65-year foundation of construction and development, will steadily move forward, deserving not only one of the leading Science – Technology universities in the country but also the University of Science and Technology. has the stature of the region and the world!

Dr. Phan Thi Phuong Thao (Year of protection: 2021)
Faculty of Food Technology, Vietnam Academy of Agriculture

Being able to study at HUST – a leading learning environment with modern equipment, highly qualified teachers who are always dedicated to learners has helped me firmly grasp the knowledge in the field of Microbiology. bio – Biochemistry. This has helped me to have a solid knowledge base in teaching and scientific research. On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the School and the Institute, I wish all the teachers good health to continue dedicating to the cause of “growing people”.

Dr. Vu Kim Dung (Year of defense: 2016)
Head of Department of Microbiology – Biochemistry, Institute of Forestry Biotechnology, University of Forestry

It has been more than 3 years since I received my diploma, facing many busy times of life and work, but I still remember vividly the memories of the School, the Institute, teachers, friends as well as the memories of the school. lessons and hours of practice.

I always wonder: is choosing a university or specialized institute to study for each person the most difficult and important decision for each person? For me, I am always proud and feel that I am very lucky to have chosen the right school and major that I love, even though my current job is not related to my major. I have never regretted that I chose and studied Food Economics, because the teachers taught me the necessary and basic knowledge, a logical thinking and a scientific method of solving problems. learn; For me that is the core of success in every job, that’s why I am always proud to be a student of Hanoi University of Technology.

On the 65th anniversary of the conference, I would like to thank all the teachers of School of Biotechnology and Food Technology for their dedication to teaching me and my peers to become useful people for society.

Wish the Institute more and more developed and trained many good engineers, wish the teachers always healthy, happy and more successful!

Duong Thi Le Hang
Alumni of KTTP – K58 (Valedictorian, CPA 3.58)

Living and working abroad, a new culture, far from home and the hustle and bustle of work have brought me many difficulties and challenges, but also opportunities and valuable experiences. The busy reels make us forget many things, but sometimes it’s just a moment of glimpse of yellow-leafed trees in a corner of the schoolyard in the cold autumn, or when reading news about achievements. The study of teachers and friends in the midst of the pandemic… was enough to evoke many emotions and nostalgia about Bach Khoa in me. Nostalgia about a time as a “bloody” student with close friends, about the days of hard work with research projects, about the bond between teachers and students. Wherever I am, I am always proud to be a BKer, an alumnus of the Institute. ~ HUST – return date ~

Ta Mai Trang
Alumni of KTTP – K56 (Valedictorian, CPA 3.65)
Current working organization: Tokyo – Japan Food Import-Export Company

Looking back at 5 years – a time that is not too long compared to a person’s life, however, it is not short when thinking about the youthful years of studying and sticking at the beloved Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Moments with teachers and friends are fleeting like a dream. The surprises and impressions when stepping into the new environment on the first day of school, the anxiety of each exam season and many, many more memories with friends and teachers that once stuck together… Now that has passed, is there anyone who doesn’t regret it?

Seasons pass, seasons come back… How many times, we dare to boldly express our infinite gratitude to our teachers – who have always helped, supported and guided us every step of the way. life. For me personally, even though I have left the school grounds and classrooms, this school will forever be a memory area – a place where we have given each other many things that are nowhere to be found but the familiar parabolic gate:

“The feet have walked but the heart remains
It will always be here after every return trip.”

Although there are students who have gone through the class, some people forget, some people remember… but I believe there is no one firmly on the road of life without the knowledge and trust received from the master of food engineers – ordinary people who are how wonderful.

Extremely proud and moved by the tradition and achievements over the past 65 years since the establishment of School of Biotechnology and Food Technology – Hanoi University of Science and Technology, I would like to express my thanks and best wishes to you. Sincere wishes to the teachers, the dedicated ferrymen carrying generations to the future. Wish the teachers will continue to strive, constantly innovating, developing and improving the quality of training and research, providing the society with high-quality human resources for industrialization and modernization. country. Wish the students will always keep their faith, hope and be able to go far and firmly on the path they choose.

Tran Thu Ha
Alumni of KTTP – K59 (CPA 3.60)
Current working organization: The Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam

It is an honor and pride to be a student of School of Biotechnology & Food Technology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, where there are silent heroes who are always dedicated and enthusiastic to generations of students. Growing up through each lecture slide, each teacher’s teaching, from diligently doing scientific research, now looking back, I feel very lucky to be a part of the Bio-Products house. Thank you HUST, thank you teachers and friends for giving me a solid luggage to confidently step into life! During my time studying at Bach Khoa, I had the opportunity to cultivate a high professional background, creating conditions for further in-depth research. This time also gives me many precious memories with friends and teachers, whom I always respect and admire. Always proud to be a student of Hanoi University of Science and Technology!

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh
Alumni of KTTP – K61 (Valedictorian, CPA 3.75)
Current working organization: Heineken Hanoi Brewery

Hanoi University of Science and Technology – The place I have chosen is a part of my youth. Looking back on that time is a little proud, also a little regretful, … but more than the name HUST is always something very precious, a belief as well as a motivation to motivate me to improve more every day. , overcome the ups and downs of life. Thank you to HUST, the teachers and aunts who gave me the first steps of growth. I hope our HUST achieves more achievements. I love Bach Khoa!

Tran Thanh Chuyen
Alumni of QTTB – K57 (Valedictorian, CPA 3.62)
Current working organization: Fanuc Vietnam Co., Ltd

“Every journey is an important milestone in each person’s growth. 5 years of studying at HUST has trained me from a immature 18-year-old girl who lacks bravery into a mature engineer in the future. life, confidence in work, dare to think and dare to do.I have spent 5 full years of youth here, so that when I step out of the school gate, besides my university degree, I also have friends beside me. Great “Drama”, enthusiastic and friendly teachers, meaningful knowledge and life lessons, so that whenever I return, I feel like I always have something to hold on to. this place. Thank you for giving me 5 years to live to the fullest!”

Le Thi Thu Hien
Alumni of KTTP – K60 (Valedictorian, CPA 3.81)
Current working organization: R&D engineer – Lavitec Technology Joint Stock Company

During my time studying at HUST, I had the opportunity to cultivate a high professional background, creating conditions for further in-depth research. This time also gives me many precious memories with friends and teachers, whom I always respect and admire. Always proud to be a student of Hanoi University of Science and Technology!

Nguyen Ha Ngoc Anh
Alumni of KTSH – K60 (CPA 3.63)
Current working organization: Master student – TU Dresden – Germany

The year I entered the school, HUST celebrated its 60th anniversary. The year I graduated, the school also turned 65 years old. During the 5 years of studying and training at Bach Khoa, although there were difficult and disappointing times, it was also full of memorable and happy memories. Here, I met teachers and aunts who were respectable, enthusiastic and always loved their students, got to know friends who were loyal and always understanding. The years of studying and playing with friends at Bach Khoa will always be one of the best memories of my youth. Thanks HUST for everything. HUST – One love, One future!

Vu Thi Viet Phuong
Alumni of KTTP – K61 (CPA 3.73)

After a long time studying and researching at the Department of Food Technology, with enthusiastic guidance from teachers, I have successfully completed the doctoral training program at the school. During this time, I learned a lot of useful knowledge in the field of food research and production. This makes an important contribution to my current work. I use the food knowledge I have learned to build and develop food products and functional foods from marine ingredients. The time spent studying and researching at the Institute is extremely valuable. I hope that you will try your best to study well and appreciate the precious love of your teachers. Wishing you and your teachers good health and happiness!

Dr. Vo Thanh Trung (Year of defense: 2017)
Department of Organic Materials from Marine Resources, Nha Trang Institute of Technology Research and Application

Recalling my student life, I, like many other students, entered the university’s threshold but did not have an orientation, did not understand what I wanted to do in the future. The joy passed quickly, the worries about the future gradually took shape. Now, when I think back, choosing School of Biotechnology & Food Technology at that time was the best decision I made. Once you have chosen a path, the destination is much clearer. However, the road will be difficult to walk alone. Fortunately for me, every day of studying and researching, there are always teachers by my side who enthusiastically transmit knowledge, create the most favorable conditions, and have close friends who always stand side by side to strive, which are the main It motivates me to strive to improve myself. Thanks to that, my journey to my destination is always filled with confidence and stability.

Right now, it’s all just a memory, but it will always be in each of us, following us every step of the way, to remind us of a time of yearning, trying our best to make our dreams come true. become a reality, so as not to betray the trust and enthusiasm of the teachers.

On the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of SBFT, I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers. Thank you to the teachers for always being patient and enthusiastic in the career of growing people, for always being there to support, help and give wings to my future as well as many other students. I wish you always have a lot of health, energy and success. We wish that our SBFT will grow more and more, integrate and train many talents for the country.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Xoan
Alumni of KTTP – K59 (Valedictorian, CPA 3.64)
Current working orfanization: Quality control department – Hotpot Phan restaurant chain



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