Faculty Directory

Department of Microbiology – Biochemistry – Molecular Biology was established in October 2010 by merging two departments, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Department of Microorganism & Genetic Engineering, under the School of Biotechnology and Food Technology.

Currently, the Department of Microbiology – Biochemistry – Molecular Biology has 13 staff members including 1 Professor, 2 Associate professors, 7 PhDs, 1 Masters, 2 Engineers. Our members teach engineering courses, a wide range of master-level courses including Master of Science, Master of Technology and PhD level.

Researches of the department focus on microorganism technology, enzyme technology, and enzyme technology applied in waste water treatment, bio-fuels, food processing, and rapid detection methods based on molecular biology and immunology. The goal of the Department is to connect scientific research and teaching activities, therefore, undergraduate students and post-graduate students has great opportunities to work in professional and high technical environment in order to be well prepared for their future.
Our research has been granted national and international patents such as:
– WO / 2009/052535
– WO / 2011/094768
– WO / 2019/237134
Vietnamese patents:
– No. 7430: Fluidized bed aeration equipment (18/12/2009)
– No.  10277: Integrated five functions and adjustable for wastewater treatment (8/5/2012)
– No. 21681: Aerobic waste treatment tank (12/8/2019)
Research topics of the students of the Department have won high prizes in the competitions at ministerial and university level (WIPO.2010).