List of officers

The Center for Training and Development of Food Products was established in 2009 through the Project of Capacity Building on Food Technology Training. Since its inception, the center has been equipped with a synchronous and modern equipment system for fruit and vegetable production lines and milk production lines. These are two pilot-scale production lines with equipment imported from Italy. Up to now, the center has also been equipped, gradually meeting the needs of training, scientific research and technology transfer. The Center is not only an ideal place for students and trainees to study, but also a reliable address for scientists and businesses to cooperate in the field of research and development of food products.

Every year, the center organizes practical classes and experiments with a number of specialized subjects for students of the Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology according to the training plan. In addition to specialized experiments, students can practice the actual production of food products on the fruit and vegetable production line with ingredients that are seasonal vegetables or practice on the production line. milk with raw materials is fresh milk. In addition, students also have the opportunity to study, research and learn about the equipment system from the principle, design to the issues of ensuring safety and hygiene in the equipment.

The Center has been and will continue to accompany teachers, researchers, and businesses in implementing research projects at all levels, pilot-scale production, research, development and evaluation. product. In addition, the center is willing to cooperate with enterprises and training institutions to organize training classes to improve professional qualifications and practical skills for researchers, technical staff of scientists and researchers. management of enterprises and production units.

The Center is always actively involved in extracurricular activities such as producing hand sanitizer for Hanoi Polytechnic School in the fight against COVID-19 or organizing career tour events for students. In addition, the center always creates conditions for student clubs to live and organize practice sessions at the center, as well as create conditions and maximum support for groups of students doing scientific research at the Center.

Address: House B4, Lane 15 Ta Quang Buu, Bach Khoa Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi