Faculty Directory

Department of Food Technology (DFT), formerly known as Department of Microbiology – Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering was established in the year 1957-1958 with 3 staffs in Microbiology and Biochemistry and 1 technician. In academic year 1959-1960, DFT employed 6 lecturers and became Department of Food Engineering (FED) the only center responsible for training Food Engineers in Vietnam at that time.

In 1967, Light Industry University Division was established and Department of Food Engineering became the Faculty of Food Engineering, the leading educational center of Vietnam since then. Faculty of Food Engineering included Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Department of Canned food and Refrigeration Technology, Department of Industrial Fermentation, Department of Sugar and Cereal Technology, Department of Tropical plants.

After the independence of the Southern part of Vietnam in 1975, the Faculty of Food Engineering provided professional lecturers and syllabuses for Da Nang University of Technology and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology as the core members for training of Food Engineering in Middle and Southern parts of Vietnam.

In 1977, Light Industry University Division reunited to Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Faculty of Food Engineering became a Faculty of Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

In 1986, the Faculty of Food Technology was divided into two independent units as a Faculty of Food Technology and a Research Center for Biotechnology. Faculty of Food Technology included Department of General Foods, Department of Cereal and Sugar technology, Department of Fermentation Technology, Department of Tropical plants and Department of Food Machinery

In 1996, the Faculty of Food Technology and Faculty of Chemical Technology were merged to form the Faculty of Chemical, Food and Biological Technology. The departments involved in training and research in the field of the food industry include Department of Food Technology, Department of Food Biotechnology, and Department of Tropical Food Technology.

In 1999, the Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology was established by the rejoining  the three departments ( Food Technology – Postharvest Technology, Food Biotechnology, Tropical Food Technology), Research Center for Biotechnology and Department of Food Machinery.

In 2010, the Institute of Biotechnology and Food Technology was reorganized to meet the operational requirements of the Institute in the modern situations. Department of Food Technology was formed on the basis of merging the Department of Food Technology – Post Harvest Technology, Department of Fermentation Technology and a part of the Department of Quality Management and Tropical Food Technology.

Department of Food Technology was established in October 2010 by merging two departments, Department of Food Technology & Post-harvest Technology and Department of Fermentation Technology, under the School of Biotechnology and Food Technology.

The Department of Food technology has 12 staff members including 6 associate professors, 5 PhDs, and 1 masters, who have been professionally trained in Vietnam and other countries with advanced science and technology including Australia, Russia, Japan, France. Department of Food Technology is a reliable destination in Vietnam for training and scientific research in the field of food technology.