I. Bachelor in Bioengineering (4 years)

  • BF2701: Introduction to bioengineering
  • BF3708: Analytical methods in biotechnology
  • BF3713: Process and equipment in biotechnology III
  • BF4727: Project work in Bioenginering
  • BF4701: Biological engineering for waste treatment
  • BF4718: Techniques for extraction of plant bioactive compounds
  • BF4719: Practical work in techniques for extraction of plant bioactive compounds
  • BF4709: Downstream processing

II. Engineer in Bioengineering (5 years)

  • BF5525: Process optimization in biotechnology and food technology
  • BF5701: Fundamentals of project planning and plant design
  • BF5703: Biological treatment of solid waste
  • BF5704: Biological treatment of wastewater
  • BF5726: Biofertilizer production technology
  • BF5705: Production of bioproducts for environmental protection
  • BF5712: Amino acid production technology
  • BF5725: Organic acid and solvent production technology

III. Master in Biotechnology

  • BF6713: Technology for bioproduct recovery
  • BF6723: Bioremediation of hazardous waste
  • BF6743: Extraction and evaluation of bioactive compounds

IV. PhD in Biotechnology

  • BF7010: Developmental Trends in Biotechnology
  • BF7051: Application of biotechnological engineering in industry