By the end of 2019, in the list of the Key technologies of Industry 4.0 that the Ministry of Science and Technology released, there are 10 technology fields related to the field of Technical Physics and Engineering trained at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology.


SEP currently offers high quality training programs under 3 levels: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate; in which, the survey showed that the rate of students having jobs after 06 months of graduation is 100%. University training programs fall into three main areas: Electronic materials and Nanotechnology; Optics and Optoelectronics; Computational Physics and Applied Programming…(learn more)


Looking out to the world, the field of Technical Physics and Engineering Physics is available at most major universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford… the goal is to use Physics to solve technological challenges in the 21st century. It is important that the industry needs human resources in the future, and this is also one reason that alumni of SEP easily apply for scholarships and adapt to the learning environments at leading universities in the world… (learn more)

Cooperation & External Relations

School of Engineering Physics always attaches great importance to international cooperation and business cooperation to improve the quality of teaching, research and technology transfer activities.


Training and research are essential in real cooperation with the community of Training – Scientific Research and domestic enterprises. SEP currently maintains cooperation with the network of member units inside and outside the school, a network to support students to enhance their practice, develop professional skills, as well as become familiar with the research and working environment. after graduation… (learn more)


SEP has partnerships with many prestigious universities and research institutes around the world. Through cooperation, SEP students have the opportunity to study and research at partner schools through student exchange scholarships, as well as collaborative research projects. SEP cooperates with major universities in Japan, South Korea… to provide students with internship and postgraduate exchange programs… (learn more)




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Giới thiệu về ngành Vật lý kỹ thuật (PH1)

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